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Strathmore Real Estate Group Celebrates Twenty Years of Participation in the Southwest Florida Market Trends Annual Conference

Strathmore Real Estate Group works hard to provide real time market intel to our tenants, partners, and team of real estate professionals including the latest demographic information and market trends. Strathmore recently attended the Southwest Florida Market Trends Conference in downtown Fort Myers, Florida on March 12, 2024 marking over twenty years of experience in the Florida real estate market.


Strathmore leadership and their guests secured the latest information on how the continued +300,000 people a year moving to Florida are affecting all markets in The Sunshine State.  New and existing residents and visitors need easier access to live, shop, work and play solutions given the decades long population increase. 


Strathmore and it’s team of real estate professionals are prepared to continue to build on their twenty years of success with additional developments in southwest Florida.  For more information on Southwest Florida Market Trends Conference see For more information on how Strathmore Real Estate Group can help you with your real estate needs, please contact Terry Benton at (517) 664-4128 or visit us at

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